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About Insider Risk Summit

We are a community of business leaders and security professionals that want to mitigate and manage Insider Risk in today’s collaborative, fast-paced, hybrid and innovative workplace. We do this by listening, exchanging best practices, and sharing expertise on strategies, frameworks, processes, content and technologies that help prevent, detect, and respond to insider threats - whether they be sabotage, fraud, espionage, data loss and theft, or physical/psychological threats. We believe in creating a workplace where individuals and ideas are safe.

Top Reasons to Attend

Engage in industry tracks that address security challenges and building resiliency.

Virtually interact with security experts and partners in building a security aware culture in Insider Risk Management.

Join a community of global practitioners, thought leaders and industry experts in the Insider Risk Management space.

Earn CPE credits while gaining knowledge and sharing insights with others.

Slack Community 

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